Roll To Save

Catalina Silva: "Gumshoe" Sketches
From left to right: Frank Fletcher, Aito Takanashi, Dominic Emerson
Below: Theodore Harris, Alexander "Alex" Gollano, Virgil Taylor

Thinking that Roll To Save would never launch, I spent a little over a year in mid 2011 writing up another webcomic idea. Something that I had been fiddling around with in my head for a long time. A yaoi Noir detective comic. The ever so talented Catalina Silva helped me with the concept and began to draw the first two pages. However worked promptly halted when I ran into Kanra, who offered to help get Roll To Save finally off the ground. Because of that, Gumshoe never saw a proper release. I still may continue it someday though...

FUN FACT: If you couldn't tell, Aito is totally based on Aoba Seragaki from Dramatical Murder... <.< >.>