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Design Concepts: Chris Quintana
This is the cast when I worked with Chris, right before finding Kanra. From left to right it's: John, Jo, Roxanne, Mau, Mim, Yosha, Tim, Irene and Mark. The cast is didn't change much when I went from Frances to Chris. The biggest change is the fact that I added an additional character: Roxanne. Originally Mim was supposed to be the friend, the troublemaker and the anarchist rolled into one. But then I decided to have the punk anarchist be one character and have Mim be the sensible voice of reason to the group. Another interesting fact is that Irene was initially going to be a nurse. This was inspired by my real life mother who's been working in the medical field for most of her adult life. After working with Chris, the final changes and tweaks are made that will result in the cast we know now!