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Good Will

Date Posted: June 13th, 2016, 5:21 am

Author Notes

Being Nice Special Guest: Mr. B - The Gentleman Rhymer!!
Mr. B is a wonderful musical talent from the U.K. with his brand of Chap-Hop. His cameo was used with his gracious permission!

Throughout my life, I've meet a lot of people, both good and bad. And it still amazes me that certain people thrive on making others miserable. Like they're some sort of misery demon that can only sustain itself by making others angry and upset. I bring this up mostly because in light of everything that's happening in the world, political battles, mass shootings, bullying and general intolerance, it's important to remember that we're all humans, placed in this big blue berry of a planet called Earth. We're in this together, male, female, black, white, plad. There are different languages and cultures here, but laughing and smiling is universal. Sometimes being nice can make all the difference in the world.

[Below is a nice, warm video to further punctuate the propsect of being nice]


Fighting trousers @Jim Nickabocker: Proffesor elemental is better B just has "a ukalelie and a grandpas mustache"
@Xero: I actually like Professor Elemental too! I originally planned to ask him if he wouldn't mind a cameo just like I asked Mr. B but I ended up shifting the comic away from one shots. End result was the the cameo getting shelved for the time being. But I do aim to get him in here some how! XD
@Jim Nickabocker: when i was looking for the video of Fighting trousers i actually found they have done a rap battle (haven't watched it yet though)

i'm not a fan o'f B's but it just amuses me that the 2 most polite rappers in the game have a beef even if it's just for fun
@Guest: Their rap battle is neat I thought!

I totally understand not being a fan of Mr. B, his brand of chap hop is certainly unique after all. I'm also greatly amused that 2 of the most polite and delightfully British rappers continue to have a sort of ongoing feud.

I just love'em both to bits X3