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#29 - Be Ya Self 1

Date Posted: October 9th, 2016, 2:12 pm

Author Notes

The Real Me "Be Ya Self" is a song that was featured in the 2000 movie; The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. It was sung by Tarsha Vega. The chorus borrows heavily from another song called; Garden Party, sung by Rick Nelson (1972). The main focus of the song is to (You guessed it) Be yourself. You may face lots of ups and downs but it's not worth changing who you are.

Iris is opening up to John because he's the first person who constantly chooses to sit down with her, talk with her, get to know her. While all of her life she's been treated like an outcast simply because she was, who she was. John is the only other person (the other person will be introduced later) that knows about who she really is. Faced with the chance to be herself out of the ring, she implores John's help.


I remain to be convinced that this isn't a dream sequence.
That was my impression too.
Well gentlemen, it seems we have reached a consensus: A dream sequence, this is.
My guess, not a dream. Instead it will just be geeking out. Perhaps a game of Catan or Smash-Up.
What If What if it's a dream INSIDE a dream...
@Some Random Dreamer: Not gonna lie, was briefly considering that angle at the time.. XD