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#30 - Be Ya Self 2

Date Posted: October 22nd, 2016, 11:00 pm

Author Notes

Help I need somebody. Help. Not just anybody.
Okay, okay, I deserve to burn in a fire for that, but I couldn't help it!

John loves to help people, it makes him happy. He often puts people first, especially when they request it from him. He loves to go out of his way to make sure he does everything possible for someone in need and often times, likes to get them little gifts or mementos after everything is said and done.
@Sorcyress: [insert shifty eyes] <.< >.>


on the contrary, I thought that was a wonderful little reference, 'course I may be biased due to the fact I've been listening to the album on and off for the past month. (my dad's CD, ripped to my desktop and then put on my smartphone)
*edit* also, when I read the reference I heard the lines being sung in my head.
Don't think I didn't notice the Cherry Popper references in the background and on Iris's shirt. I'm onto y'all!