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#32 - Be Ya Self 4

Date Posted: November 20th, 2016, 7:57 pm

Author Notes

Use Your Words "You know who I bumped into today? It was a guy who used to terrorize me in grade school. Tommy Collagna. And every day, this kid, for five years, would come up to me and shake me down for my lunch money. And then finally one day I come to school and I'm trembling because I see him coming and there's no change in my pockets. So he comes up to me and says 'Katz, where's your lunch money?' and I said 'I don't have any money.' and he said '...Ok!'."
~Jonathan Katz

Sticking to what you believe in doesn't always mean getting into a hostile situation. In fact sometimes reasoning with others can lead to a surprisingly peaceful result. People forget that words can be quite powerful. If push comes to shove, walking away is always an option as well.

Stay tuned for the new Holiday/New Year's special! Guaranteed not to take three years to finish!


Body language and tone of voice is also very effective. If you say all that in an annoying, whiny, preachy way, it's not going to work out for you! Confident body language and clear, even tone works wonders in making people think you're smart. A deeper tone or voice helps, too.
Bully's @Jim Nickabocker: Most bully's dont even realize they are doing it. Often they think they are being funny or playing around and since no one says no it gets taken WAY too far.
Then there are the few that do it because of their own ego and power trip. They can go play in traffic.
@Haukness: Just wanted to say I agree and appreciate your comment =)