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#39 - The Wedding 4

Date Posted: February 24th, 2017, 11:12 pm

Author Notes

Enter The Bartender Meet Sebastian Okada, bartender extraordinaire. It seems he's got a thing for ol' Johnny! Speaking of John, he's on full damage control it seems. He might not be able to completely smooth things over, but he's dang well going to try. After all, Iris normally isn't very violent when it comes to being out of the ring, but if someone persists long enough, is annoying long enough and is handsy long enough... well, she only has so much patience. John will probably work with her on the whole 'punching' thing though.

Stay tuned for the last page of the wedding arc! You'll be seeing four characters that have been referenced in Tailsteak's Leftover Soup! Who are they? Stay tuned and find out!