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#41 - The Half-Orc Brothers 1

Date Posted: March 26th, 2017, 12:19 am

Author Notes

The Adventure begins It's our first D&D Mini-Arc! Every once in a while we're going to delve into the group's ongoing campaign. This page is to give you some information on everyone's character as well as a description of the group's campaign. As you can probably tell, Sebastian is going to be featured as more of a regular character from here on out as well. We'll find out more about him later.

Will John's character Joenic regret his decision to free those half-orc quadruplets? Stay tuned and find out!
@Chronos: Good question! More of Irene's character is going to be explained very soon. in #24 Style Switch, Jo refers to her as Mrs. Brown and calls John her son, so it's safe to assume that Irene is John's mother.
The wedding they went to was for a faceless character named Melissa from John and Jo's past.
@Raen: Yessum, this is officially the main cast. There'll be a few additional side characters but the story will mainly revolve around our main six.

Ooo sharp eye! There indeed used to be a sixth member. He popped in at the beginning of Kanra's series and at the beginning of Tailsteak's series. No dialogue, he was just sort of there. I had a whole thing written for him when I created the comic, but when the focus shifted from being joke-based to being more story-based... well... that character really didn't fit anymore. So he was quietly replaced by Iris.

There's a good chance we may refer to him at some point, to give an explination and some sort of closure. I feel kinda bad that I effectively created a stand-in character only to erase him from existence later XD


So, I've been curious about the character, Irene Velasquez Brown. I assumed she was part of the DnD group, but I don't think I've even see her talk yet. Was it her wedding the group went to in the previous strips?
So this would be the sixth "very different individual"? Good to have the ducks finally in a row...

(Funny, I could have sworn it had been five, and was about to comment that it was becoming six in what amounted to Iris's first onscreen involvement strictly post-introduction...)
@Jim Nickabocker: I read the comic three times over and I *still* missed that she was called "Mrs. Brown" and even that she spoke; I honestly thought she hadn't spoke at all yet. That shows how observant I am, heh.