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#44 - The Father 1

Date Posted: May 24th, 2017, 1:26 am

Author Notes

A Dad Appears! Sorry for the late update! I just spent five days visiting friends in Connecticut and I had lost all track of time!

Irene and John's living situation has never been fully explained in the comic and sadly, I don't think it will. But just in case you were wondering;
The house they live in is a two story home with a basement. Irene lives on the top floor, the ground floor serves as the flower shop and the basement is where John resides.

Originally I had dozens of one shots that offered chances to see the house from various locations inside, however when Tailsteak joined RTS, I ended up wanting less one shots and more meaningful story arcs. Couple that with our updates being once every two weeks and well, I wanted to deliver quality over quantity. As a result, the one shots were dropped.

In this new arc we learn a little more about John's family and what happened between Irene and her ex husband Luis.
@sethtriggs: I'm glad you like this page! I totally agree, Irene is totes adorbs!

When writing for Irene, I wanted to show that she was open-minded and nurturing. John is the way he is because Irene did her best to raise him right while trying to be as accepting and understanding as possible. The result is the lovable goofball in our comic!

Irene is also quite the John/Iris shipper. As happy as she would be if John chose anyone, she'd be pretty giddy if it was Iris. Her fondness for the wrestler comes into play later in this arc!
@alexob6: Haha Jiris, I love it! Their fates are long from decided but I actually appreciate the surprising number of shippers for these two! Thank you for the comment! X3
@alexob6: I totally agree! It's a relationship dynamic I love writing for cause you don't see it too often. John and Iris are not only best friends, they impact each others lives in rather deep ways. In fact you'll see that in play very soon!


Well done! This was an incredibly adorable page. And awwww Irene is such a sweetie, and she is definitely someone who is open-minded, and that's awesome. Refreshing way to handle a parental character too. And ahahaha there's another John/Iris shipper out there it seems!
Not gonna lie I'm a bit of a John/Iris (Jiris?) shipper too, but they're also great just being BFF's.

Looking forward to the next update. :)
@Jim Nickabocker: I suspect that one of the reasons people ship them is because they are innately adorable together, even in a platonic sense.