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#45 - The Father 2

Date Posted: June 4th, 2017, 9:27 am

Author Notes

Backstory Love makes us do some rather crazy things. For Irene, she ended up leaving her home country to follow an entertainer she had madly fallen in love with. However, when things fell through and it was evident that her would-be husband was more interested in music than raising a family, Irene quickly put her foot down. She wanted to raise John properly. Luis was nice enough to help Irene with leasing a house as he continued with his travels, and Irene was left with an entire two story building to both care for her son and make a modest living. The basement even provided John a chance to sort of live on his own. Irene considered Luis many things, among them selfish, inconsiderate, brash, etc. But she never thought she would have to worry about reading the fine print to their lease.

Always read the fine print.


What a guy! I'm guessing his nickname is "Yolo!"