Roll To Save

#46 - The Father 3

Date Posted: June 18th, 2017, 7:07 am

Author Notes

An Unhappy Father's Day Roll To Save as a whole, is meant to be an optimistic and happy comic. Ever since the first draft, I've never steered far from that idea. As the comic became more story and character focused, I realized that I wanted to show optimism against adversity. Or as I often say; fighting fire with marshmallows. There's no doubt that there's badness in the world, in many, many forms. I don't think my comic should be an exception to that fact. Bad things happen to good people, sometimes unexpectedly. I thought it was important to establish that not everything is perfect in John's world, despite his attitude and outlook on life.

Luis has been disconnected from his family for a long time. He's also a bit of a selfish individual who thinks he can pretty much do no wrong. It's important to note that he's doing what he thinks is best for his family, he meant well. He just didn't think about the repercussions of his actions. The icing on the proverbial cake of coarse is going through with the sale despite his family's objections. What a dickweed!

Fun Fact: The term 'Rata de dos patas' was also a song my grandma would sing frequently. In case your interested, check it out here (with translated lyrics!):

Next update is the last in the 'Father' series. It consists of a rather big change in character dynamics for RTS. What is it? Stay tuned and find out!
@Pyre Light: Ahh, I was under the impression that Luis (being Irene's Landlord) had final word on her staying since he owned the property. For story's sake I thought it was a good dramatic turn for a typically happy-go-lucky comic.

Needless to say, you wouldn't want me as your lawyer though XD


Lawsuit time IANAL, but I suspect that being married and living there for many years gives her a common property right in the house so he can't sell it without her consent.
Oh wow... Wow this is heavy. I hope there's some recourse for this.

Iris is so awesome.

Also, gg Luis, you really screwed it up.
Tenant Rights... Don't know where they live, but in most parts of the US, a landlord is not allowed to kick paid tenants out of their home on anything less than a month's notice, and only then if the lease is month-to-month. Setting aside the whole 'common law/married' issue. Hope they fight this!!
Actually... I'm pretty sure that he was legally obligated to inform his "tenants" of the sale before hand.
a question of register Why does Luis say to his son “cálmese” (as if to a stranger) rather than “cálmate”?
@Anton Sherwood: That's my bad. I'm from a Hispanic family but since I grew up in the states, I sometimes forget or miss things like that.
@Jim Nickabocker: My dad is fluent in English, Esperanto, Italian and Spanish; but when we speak French he calls me «vous» rather than «tu».