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#47 - The Father 4

Date Posted: July 2nd, 2017, 6:28 am

Author Notes

Changes A lot of you have pointed out the legality concerning Luis' actions, and you're all very right. Irene and John could have easily have fought and won this in a legal battle, however Irene wasn't interested in having a legal dispute. She wanted to sever the last connection she had with her ex-husband. She hopes that by doing this, he'll finally leave them alone.

The ending to this arc is a bit sad but vital to the change in dynamic for RTS. Rest assured things will get pleasant again in the next arc.

Gee, I wonder if John will look for a roommate...


Thank you! Jim, I just wanted to say, Thank you for the feels here. Sad but, wonderful story. Your stories are getting better with each story arc.
@Xon890: Thank you SO much for your comment! For RTS, fun, jokes and mischief are common but I felt that including an occasional, meaningful arc that consists of feels is also important too. I'm glad you like!
The feels... This one really hit hard. It's pretty sad.

John's pretty chill though given that his mom asked his friend to look after him, in earshot. I know a bunch of people would find that embarrassing. He's a really cool guy.
@sethtriggs: Yea, this one was a pretty hard one to write. Hard but important. I want RTS to be just as funny as it is meaningful. Showing one of the main characters going through a bit of a crises with his friends supporting him felt like a perfect way to showcase what these characters are all about. We'll even get to explore that a bit more in the next arc!

John is, overall, a very sensible and mellow fellow (Heh rhyme!). He doesn't mind at all that his mom asked his best friend to keep an eye on him. Heck, he's most likely a bit relieved. Families all over the country, nay, all over the world are different. Some have kids that happily leave the nest once they're college bound. Others live with their families well beyond their young adult years.

Living alone can be unappealing to some people. It can be downright...well, lonely. Irene knows her son is a very social creature, he loves being in the company of others. So to suddenly have him living by himself in an apartment? You can understand her twinge of concern. But I wouldn't worry. Odds are John's most likely going to get himself a roommate. Doubt he'll have to look far....