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#48 - The Beach 1

Date Posted: July 14th, 2017, 11:00 pm

Author Notes

Roomies! As you can probably guess, Iris and John now room together! For anyone who's curious, they live in a cozy two bedroom apartment not far away from where John used to live. I've actually been looking forward to this arc for a long time now. This is gonna be a nice, fun arc that'll let us learn a little more about the other characters in the group. Also, John's not worried about Iris hurting him, he actually trusts Iris implicitly. She's his best friend after all. He's just never been threatened with such an affectionate yet aggressive action by a tall, muscular amazon before. Wouldn't it give YOU some pause?


OMG this is adorable These two are really adorable companions. Also John's practicality is refreshing; it's always advisable to have a fire extinguisher.

Heh heh Iris is feisty but this sounds like a fun outing.
@sethtriggs: Being prone to accidents and the occasional misfortune, John knew that it was best to be prepared hehe.

Iris has been doing much better in regards to just being herself in public. However it's in the privacy of her home and in the company of her trusted best friend where she feels comfortable enough to let her hair completely down. Normally she only manhandles and bear hugs in the ring!

Aw man, let me tell ya, I adore writing for these two. Despite the differences in background, personalities and physical appearance, they love spending time together.

Back in my high school days, I hung out with a girl who partly inspired Roxanne's character. She was a hardcore goth. Her entire wardrobe was black, she wore a choker, silver studded wrist bands and her skin was a soft pale color. I, (like John) was happy, optimistic and wore a lot of bright colors. And yet every weekday during lunch and after school, we would hang out and just talk. Talk about our days, our interests, we loved hanging out. Just because our personalities and overall demeanor differed, didn't mean we couldn't enjoy each others' company.
Apparently the system ate my previous comment because it had a URL in it.

John's cooking teacher wouldn't be a high DEX, low WIS character from a recently concluded webcomic, would he?
@maarvarq: Ack! Yea sorry about that. The comment sections on Smackjeeves can be a bit finicky. Thank you as always for commenting though!

As for John's cooking teacher? Well... I'm in an interesting position where I can say that I can neither confirm nor deny the identity of John's mentor. However, I think I can safely say that it's not entirely impossible that Jon's teacher is a certain fellow who matches your stat description. =P
Back from the Net I didn't spot the ReBoot logo the first time I read this comic, but I see it now....
@Ryubbert: I'm kind of a huge fan of the show... XD
Is that a cameo? You know, it didn't even register to me that Tailsteak was slipping in references to Jamie until you made that remark about pesto. I applaud you, good sirs- very subtly done indeed.
If he took some time off, why is he in uniform?
@Merrsharr: John likes to wear his uniform well after work, he's proud of his job like that. The insinuation is that he requested some time off during work that day. I'm sorry if that wasn't 100% clear!