Roll To Save

#49 - The Beach 2

Date Posted: July 30th, 2017, 6:43 am

Author Notes

Onto The Beach! The beach arc (as I've mentioned before) is to bring us back to having fun in Roll To Save. It's going to feature some good old fashion shenanigans along with some scenes that will tell us more about our main characters. I'm really looking forward to the rest of these updates!

Consent is a very important thing. I went to a shadow cast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture show last night (as of this update) and as you can probably guess, there was a ton of debauchery, mischief and mayhem. However despite everything, the cast were very adamant about consent. They wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page before doing anything, and that's pretty important. In life, everyone has their own range of personal space. Some are more open than others.

That being said, you've probably noticed that Sebastian is a VERY touchy feely person, especially with John. Sebastian is also a person who respects personal space. He wouldn't touch you or pounce on you if you weren't okay with it. Same thing goes for Iris, though in her defense, outside of the ring, John is the only person she normally manhandles. Affectionately of coarse!
Getting carried and getting pounced on are things John welcomes with open arms, though he would probably prefer a softer surface the next time he gets pounced.


Lots of joy I love this page all around, from Iris' firefighter carry to the dialogue about being pounced. John missing from the next-to-last frame is hilarious and well-composed. Very well done!

Such a ragtag cast, which is a lot of fun. Thanks for this.
@sethtriggs: Aww I appreciate your input as always Seth! And thank YOU for reading my silly ol' comic X3