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#50 - The Beach 3

Date Posted: August 13th, 2017, 2:41 pm

Author Notes

Oops! Now I'm not a fabric expert, but I figure if movies can get away with cars exploding in a fiery display after getting hit with a handful of bullets, I can get away with a grown man ripping through changing tent fabric. If it wasn't already clear, Sebastian likes John. And while Sebastian's advances are actually welcome, John isn't too sure if he's ready to date anyone yet. We'll dive into the why later.

There's still more beach fun left in this arc, keep that sunscreen handy!


"And while Sebastian's advances are actually welcome..." I'm glad to hear you say that (although some in-strip confirmation that this isn't just tolerance through gritted teeth on John's part would be good) because if they weren't, then Sebastian would at the least be incredibly creepy.
@maarvarq: Hehe rest assured my friend, an in-strip confirmation is coming very soon. In fact it's going to reveal a little more about John's thoughts on relationships too!
Really nice update. Sebastian is really staying on the right side of the line for now and that's good.

Also, sick minibus! I remember seeing those quite often back in the day.

This is a really fun time, and heh I like John's complex dialogue to just describe going to the beach.

The awkwardness is pretty fun too. Well done!
@sethtriggs: Sebastian may be more forward than most but he's more than happy to back off if told. If John didn't like that kind of particular attention, he would have politely asked for Sebastian to give him space. ESPECIALLY under those unique Three's Company circumstances.

Hehe actually that minibus has been in John's family for quite some time. I'm hoping to tackle a mini arc about it. I was also trying to be considerate to Iris' size and the fact that the group does travel a lot together. I figured it'd be more thoughtful to have them in a Volkswagen Minibus vs the Beetle XD

John thinks a little differently, which is why I love writing for him. That complex dialogue sums him up pretty well I think!

I like awkwardness, it's a very real feeling that a lot of folks can relate to. Rarely are things picture perfect like in most media. I also wanted to make sure that John was obviously not bothered by the advances. He's just not sure how to respond since nobody has ever 'put the moves' on him before. But as I said before, his response and feelings will be made clear in an update soon. After all, it's important to make sure you let an interested party know where you stand! =3
@Jim Nickabocker: Very well done, and it's a good relationship. I like the little interactions here. I look forward to the next update!
Hello Jim! Hello readers!
Just read through this since last night. :)
Linked from LS.
Lovely story so far!
@Gryph: Why hello there! Welcome! Welcome!
Thank you so much for reading! Now keep in mind it updates a bit slower, about one page per two weeks but I hope you'll stay. We got lots of fun stories planned, also some fan service just like this page! =3