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#51 - The Beach 4

Date Posted: August 27th, 2017, 7:28 am

Author Notes

Iris Watch "Forever and always, I'm always here!" - Jimi Jamison

The gang are finally enjoying the beach! Roxanne is a bit of an introverted person. She hates big crowds and as she mentioned isn't really a sociable person. However John and the others are an exception to this fact because she's gotten to know them over the years. John really does appreciate her being there though. When I write for Yosha, I sometimes think of Elmo the Elk form the 90's animated show Eek The Cat, having all sorts of odd jobs and somehow being connected to various events and people. You know, cause he's the cool one!

Iris' run in the fifth panel is based on the infamous slow motion run featured on the classic television show Baywatch. You know, in case you hadn't have guessed by now. The next update will feature some more character interaction and John nerding out a bit on a particular piece of sci fi. Stay tuned!


Everything about this is fun Ahahaha I love John's interactions so much. It's adorable how supportive he and Roxy are of each other. It's quite a ragtag group. Love that Yosha moonlights as a lifeguard.

The Baywatch reference is quite fun.
Hehe I'm glad you like it!
John is a very open and supportive person. His friendship with Roxanne is a perfect example of that. For all intents and purposes, they're polar opposites of each other. From their tastes to their wardrobe. However they respect and support each other fully.
John did the same for Roxanne when he accompanied her to a Cradle of Filth concert once!