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#53 - The Beach 6

Date Posted: September 24th, 2017, 7:01 pm

Author Notes

End of The Day The Breman Avenue Experience is mostly a rock and roll band. Though they do dip into other genres depending on their gig. (One time they were hired to play the music for a polka event, they made it work) We'll get to find out more about Yosha and his band very soon.

I enjoy putting Jo out of his element. For someone who plans everything and has an answer to everything, it's oddly satisfying imagining him half naked, scrambling out a bathroom window. Instead of just saying "I'm sorry, I think I'm tapped out for the evening" or "I'm not a big fan of sodomy"

I really love how Roxanne is turning out. She used to be much, much different before Tailsteak came along. More of a token, trouble making punk goth than anything. However once I changed the web comic to be more character/story-driven, I decided to give Roxanne's character a bit of an overhaul. The result is a infinity more complex character who's willing to take steps out of her comfort zone in order to be there for her friend. I honestly couldn't be happier about how she turned out.

This is the second to last page to the beach arc, the next update will be the last one. It's a nice little end to the arc that I think is amazingly cute and further punctuates John and Iris' friendship. Which is actually important because the next arc puts their freindship to the test! Stay tuned!


Adorable from start to finish I loved all the lighting effects by the way from Tailsteak, and the gentle transition.

But wow, all these relationships give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I like all the positive interactions, I really love the dialogue (a dudebro biting off more than he can chew is one of my favorite situations). And of course, Isis in low light, fantastic! Well done!
@sethtriggs: I'm glad you liked it! I'm absolutely pleased with Tailsteak's lighting on this page. It's straight up gorgeous.

Hehe well Jo isn't too much of a dudebro per say but he is indeed full of himself. Though I wonder what's worse? XD

This arc was totally for the warm and fuzzies. I reserve the right to make all the warm and fuzzies dangit! lol!
It also gave me an opportunity to show more of the main characters, how and why they interact with each other, etc. I love how it turned out X3