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#56 - The Bump 2

Date Posted: November 5th, 2017, 9:45 am

Author Notes

An Old Friend Iris wasn't always the top wrestler at Get Wreckt Wrestling. When she first started, she was cold, said very little and barely had any friends. Ein helped her become the wrestler she is today as well as helped her open up a little. With Ein on board to help train John, they hope to make as much progress as possible. Perhaps with his help, they just might be able to get John properly trained! The two of them look very much alike but aren't in fact related, though they do have a bit of a doppelganger thing going on, that's for sure. Ein is based on a character of EinDoesArt's creation. Check out his Twitter and if you want to support him, pledge to his Patreon!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I have revamped the gallery now that I have a waaay better grasp of html. I'll post here and on the front page's news section whenever new pictures get posted. The latest two pictures are of John interacting with Lily from Tailsteak's Leftover Soup and John dressed as Inspector Gadget just cuz!


This is sweet! Hehehe Ein seems like a really cool dude. I almost thought they were siblings for a second. And also that's awesome that this is sort of a cameo for Ein the great artist!
@sethtriggs: I'm glad you like! And I couldn't agree more, Ein is a fantastic artist! He was also a huge inspiration to this arc so I figured it was only appropriate to include him in a bit of a cameo! X3
So i take it he's a bit of a fan
@Xero: A liiiiiitle bit XD