Roll To Save

#59 - The Bump 5

Date Posted: December 17th, 2017, 8:54 am

Author Notes

All's Well That Ends Well! A positive outlook on life and good friends tend to help when the chips are down. Especially when you're kind of beat up due to a wrestling mishap. Needless to say, John's gonna give wrestling a break. Which'll give us plenty of opportunities to explore other fun stuff! Huge thanks to EinDoesArt for allowing me to use his OC in The Bump arc! Thank you oh so much!

This marks the ending to the current arc. We've got a holiday/New Year's special for the 31st followed by a special new arc which pits John and Iris in a unique set of circumstances and much more! Join us won't you?


Poor kid... he's never gonna get to go back to being a referee now. He's a full blown wrestling persona. And worse, a babyface comedy character.
@Stephen: Yyyea, which is a shame. John was more than happy just being a ref who occasionally gets in wrestlers' faces about the rules. With this whole interference fiasco, there's probably gonna be a push for him to become a full wrestler.
....Then again I'm getting ahead of myself story-wise there.. =P
What kinda cowboy runs this outfit Wowwwwww that's how you get people killed! That guy is a clown.

Glad at least John ought to have help with the recovery but yikes. That was a huge surprise.
@sethtriggs: Heh yea, the owner of the company is more worried about dollar signs than he is the safety of his employees. Pretty much the 'Boss Hogg' of wrestling promoters. Not the most sensible fellow, which is a big reason why John and Iris will be taking a wrestling hiatus.

In reality, John's pretty lucky. Real world wrestling mistakes like that can get people seriously hurt or as you said, killed! Hence all those old WWE 'Don't try this at home!' disclaimers. In the realm of Roll To Save however, John will be a-ok. Pretty sure Iris would come to life and beat me up otherwise XD

In the animated series 'The Venture Brothers' failure is an all too common theme that engrosses the viewer in its setting and characters. How many times can Dr. Venture possibly screw things up? Despite his brilliant mind and sudden mass fortune? For Roll To Save, I like to think of the theme as 'I get knocked down but I get up again' reminiscent of Chumbawamba's song; Tubthumping. A relentless positive attitude that emanates for the most part from John.

..Er sorry for the long comment. Apparently I had a LOT to say XD
... do you sell the shirts that Iris is wearing?
@Monkeytoster: Not at the moment but it can certainly be looked into! =)