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#60 - The Incident 1

Date Posted: December 31st, 2017, 2:25 pm

Author Notes

Look Before You Leap Iris dove into the wrestling business at an early age. It seemed like a much easier choice seeing as how her appearance and demeanor pretty much put off most of the people she'd meet. Thanks to John, her confidence and her people skills has increased greatly, which of coarse led to her looking for different career. She won't stop wrestling but since that business got her best friend hurt, she's wanting to make that more of a hobby now then an actual job.

Some of you might have been expecting a holiday specific update but I decided against it this year. For two main reasons. One; the holiday special is a one page one shot that could easily be presented for another year. Two; I'm super, SUPER excited about this new story arc! It's a blend of funny circumstances, meaningful discussions and a reminder that friendships do have some hiccups along the way. It also has some big surprises in store!


Oh dear oh boy oh golly
The Stay on Target poster ties up the scene nicely !
Dooooooooh Ahahahaha I busted a gut at this.

Some seriously nice compositions and that's not even just because Iris is hot to me. But hahahaha that's awkward in a good way.
Where did she get a zarya figure?