Roll To Save

#61 - The Incident 2

Date Posted: January 14th, 2018, 7:22 am

Author Notes

An Awkward Situation Hardships, hiccups and overall trouble are things we can't escape in our lives. Statistically speaking, it's kind of impossible to avoid them. For this particular kind of situation, it can either be a big deal or not, it really depends on the people involved. Iris doesn't know what to do. She's seen her best friend completely naked and it's turned things upside down for her. She wants time to wrap her head around the situation before deciding to do anything.

Meanwhile John is less worried about the fact that they've seen each other naked and more concerned about Iris herself. He cares about her a lot, so when she offers to go to a motel to think things over, he won't have it. He would rather sleep in skid row than make Iris feel the need to leave her own home. He wants her to be comfortable and safe, even if it means displacing himself.

Oh, also that's Maxine Hellenberger from Tailsteak's retired comic Leftover Soup for those of you who are wondering. Truth be told, this was a long time coming. It was mostly inspired by a handful of fan fiction I wrote for Tailsteak that typically had John interacting with various characters from Leftover Soup just getting into shenanigans. The planning for this particular arc began back in mid 2017. That's right my friends, this ain't just a one panel cameo. Max and other Leftover Soupers will be making a completely cannon, story arc long appearance here on Roll To Save! If you need a quick refresher or are curious as to what Leftover Soup is all about, might I recommend giving his old comic a read?

I can't tell you guys how excited and honored I am to be given the opportunity to bring these beloved characters back. Who else is making an appearance? Well you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!


Now there's a face I didn't think I'd ever see again. Hi Max!
Ouch! Awkward enough to have to go to a motel? Yiiiiikes.

The lack of talking is definitely not a good thing. I would've hoped that "I'm sorry," would've been enough if it were such a bad thing. I am hoping this works out so much...

Heh it's fun to see Max.

And a "Sorry I saw you naked" card is pretty hilarious.
@sethtriggs: Absolutely, talking when it comes to any sort of ordeal is essential to making things right. Communication as they say, is key.

Don't worry, these kids care about each other too much to not try to fix this.

It was wonderful to be allowed to bring Max in for a cameo in RTS.

Also I'm pretty proud of that joke X3
Oh my! Yikes, they really are thrown for a loop by this! I find it doubly funny as a Finnish person, because thanks to our heavy sauna-culture, seeing our best friend naked is... quite common, actually and nobody thinks it is that weird.
@AFinnishGuy: That's so cool! I actually did an extensive amount of research on this subject and I've found out that culture plays a big part in how people perceive the whole seeing each other naked thing.

It also depends on the people involved. Here in the states, there've been incidents where this happens and the only thing that happens is a shrug and a laugh before going on with life. For others, surprisingly enough it's a bit of a friendship end-er, especially when it involves a guy and a girl.

I can't divulge what's going to happen next, but rest assured, it's gonna play out uniquely XD
Uhh-oh Max. Freaking MAX.

This can not end well.

(Or CAN it???)
@Lady Rose: Hehe you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!
Post-LOS? That's the question for the long time Leftover Soup readers, is this concurrent with that comic or post even the catch-up updates. Tailsteak? Beuller?
@Kes: This is most certainly post-LOS. The dialogue in upcoming updates will hopefully make that clear! =3
Look! Down the hall! It's a Dolly Bird! It's a nympho-plane-iac! It's SUPER MAX!!

Strange visitor from another comic with powers and libido far beyond those of other mortals! SuperMax, who can change the course of relationships, bend steel with her kegel muscles, and who (disguised as a veterinary aide for a no-kill animal shelter) fights a never-ending battle for Truth, Just Sex, and the American, French, Greek, and Every-Which Way!
@Eddurd: I...I don't know what to say other than I absolutely love this comment. Thank you Eddurd! XD
MAX! I've missed ya, buddy. <3
Thank you for this bringing her back!
@Gryph: I think it's safe to say we all missed her, hehe. Though thanks should go to Tailsteak himself! He was nice enough to let this crossover happen!
Thanks to both of you then! <3
Same City? @Jim Nickabocker: I don't know if a specific location has been established for Roll to Save. I know Leftover Soup was intentionally left ambiguous, but I always got a kind of Vancouver vibe off of it.
@thaledison: Funny you should ask! I actually left the location of Roll To Save ambiguous as well, mostly because I couldn't decide on where to place it. That ironically enough, made it easier for the crossover to happen! Though I think it's safe to say that canonically both Roll To Save and Leftover Soup take place in the same metropolitan area.
In for the long haul Somehow I neglected to read Leftover Soup until the last two months. Then I decided to take a chance on this one. Enjoying it greatly.

Now with Max here? I'm in for the duration!
@ValdVin: We're very happy to have you! Folks from Leftover Soup tend to pop in occasionally! I thought it'd be nice to see some of our old friends from time to time!