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#63 - The Incident 4

Date Posted: February 11th, 2018, 4:47 pm

Author Notes

The Practical Approach Only Iris would think that running all the way across town would simply be a minor inconvenience. Fairly sure the rest of us would probably just call a taxi. She doesn't mean to make things complicated, it's just her way of dealing with things. Running for Iris is a way to clear her head. If she sits at home, thinking about about things, she gets miserable, sad and can't help but feel mopey. However with a good hard run, she's able to think clearly, work through frustrations and properly get a hold of herself. The way I deal with these kind of issues is playing my ukelele, playing rockband, firing up a game with online friends and sometimes just reading a good book. What do you guys do?

If you're wondering why Sebastian is non too excited about Iris getting up and leaving so suddenly is because there's a 99% chance he's going to run after her to make sure she's okay. After all, this has the makings of a cliche 90's sitcom.


I hope she knows which friend too! Hahahahah I can't say it would not make John just as blushy seeing her wet, glistening in a tank top and workout pants!

Well done, Iris!

I do dig her fashion. And Sebastian is a good friend.
@sethtriggs: Hehe you're right in that regard! Though I'm willing to bet someone else would enjoy that site too!

Yea, I'm pretty proud of her too. It's not always easy to stand up and try to make things right when you're feeling at odds with yourself.

Hehe I also absolutely love her outfit myself! And Sebastian is indeed a good friend, even though he can be a colossal flirt XD
1. I play video games (cutesy or sandbox ones help the most) or i watch youtube for a while
2. I want that shirt Sebastian is wearing
@ZSnazzy: That's awesome! Hehe and yea, I'm really gonna see if I can find some way to make these shirts available. Gotta hand it to Tailsteak, he really knows how to make some lovely t-shirts designs!
Sebastian is wearing flip-flops. If he is going to run across town in the rain, it really is gonna suck!
@Glenda: Oh yea, poor guy is NOT looking forward to that run XD
suddenly I hope John DID decide to join the orgy eventually
@Merrsharr: Well I mean...Max and Simon WERE pretty adamant about their invitation...
By the law of comedic reversals she will now accidentally see John naked.
How big is this town? There are towns of quite different sizes.

Some kilometers are not a problem for a trained person like Iris, some tens of kilometers might be.
@Paul: This is very true. I tend to keep details like that ambiguous so I can reveal them in later updates. Is Sebastian concerned about the fact he's going to chase after Iris in flip flops or that the town is of considerable size? We'll find out!
Hope they have transit! @Jim Nickabocker: Not gonna lie, this chase is kinda romantic.