Roll To Save

#65 - The Incident 6

Date Posted: March 11th, 2018, 7:44 am

Author Notes

Familiar Faces Once upon a time, phones weren't always readily available. At one point, you either had to go home to use your home phone (also known as a landline) or would be forced to use an almost completely eradicated piece of technology known as a 'Payphone'. Roll To Save of coarse doesn't take place during such a time, it's set in the modern age. Iris is taking this opportunity to clear her head, to really focus on what she's going to say to John when they finally see each other again. She wants to make things right and doesn't want to risk messing things up further. There are dozens of easier and probably smarter ways to go about the situation but once Iris sets her mind on something, it's hard to convince her otherwise.

I do apologize to readers who are only familiar with Roll To Save. If the wave of new faces strike you as strange, it's because they're characters from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup, just Like Max and her friends. I was inspired by the 1963 film "It's a Mad, Mad World" that was filled to the brim with celebrity cameos that even included one of the final film appearances of The Three Stooges. Hey, I wasn't sure if we were ever gonna be able to do this again, so I went all out with this crossover!

I also can't help but feel highly amused with Lily's line in the last panel. She doesn't want to be anywhere near John but so help her, she's gonna get her money back even if she has to go get it... XD


Oh Lily never change
@ZSnazzy: speaking of you think shes a investor in real doll or just pre ordered one of there AI sexbots?
@Xero: I feel like she would've pre ordered
But it wouldn't surprise me if she was an investor
@ZSnazzy: yea i mean they are a tech company after all
LOL nice cameos Ahhhh that's amazing stuff.

John pay up that $30 now!

Glad Sebastian caught up to Iris. but wowwwww next time you folks need to wear ponchos!
@sethtriggs: Glad you like it! John's inevitably going to keep forgetting about those $30 for better or for worse XD

hehe panchos woulda been helpful here indeed XD
Lily is one character from Leftover Soup that I _won't_ ever miss.
I will @maarvarq: Lily's journey is far from over, IMO. Tailsteak never wrote any one-dimensional characters. Sure, she's irascible, but nobody gets that way for no reason at all.
She can take it without me, thanks @Peregrin: Lily might have been multi-dimensional but I disliked just about all of them, and I have really had more than I could take of her already. I know that she had and has her defenders, but not me, not ever.
@maarvarq: I think that's totally fair. There are gonna be characters you just plain dislike in any given comic, show or story. Sometimes there are characters you can't stand or hate with a burning passion. Everybody perceives characters in their own way, nothing wrong with that.
hopefully not over @Peregrin: having invested some thought in Lily's worldview, i would very much like to see her get a chance to evolve.
Poor Sebastian, not only drenched, but traumatized by his encounter with Lily...
@Madelin: Yea...he's gonna say something about that in the next update.. XD
Wait, doesn't Gina live in the same apartment as Max? They went to her first, then went to Lily's *before* checking on Max?
@Chronos: Actually as of the ending to Leftover Soup, Gina still lives with her mom. I assume one day she'll move in with Roscoe but that hasn't happened. Yet. XD