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#66 - The Incident 7

Date Posted: March 25th, 2018, 2:53 pm

Author Notes

All's Well That Ends Well It's going to take a lot more than a bit of naked misunderstanding to rock John and Iris' friendship, that's for sure. I'm really happy with how this arc turned out and it's been a complete honor and privilege to be able to bring back some memorable characters from Leftover Soup. To be given such an opportunity with some of your favorite characters is any fanboys dream and frankly, I'm still beside myself over the whole dang thing. Seriously, thank you Tailsteak for letting me essentially write my own little Avengers: Infinity War. You're the absolute best

When it comes to Max, hugs are very involved things. They sometimes include more than two limbs. They also sometimes include hugging a person's face to prevent them from saying certain magic words that'll have her let go. Needless to say, John and Max and great friends.

We've got one more update before the end of the current arc so stay tuned!


Oh Max, don't ever change This all was delightful and OMG John called Sebastian hot. So many things.

That embrace of Iris holding John made me melt. I really hope they will cuddle or something, because OMG. That looks so wonderful.

LOL "human megaphone."

Also LOL on Max doing the facehugger bit.
@sethtriggs: Hehe just cause John isn't ready for a relationship yet, doesn't mean he can't find someone 'hot'!

I really love how Tailsteak did that panel. It really captured John and Iris perfectly I'd say!

One of my favorite lines in this arc XD

And you can't have a Max appearance without her patented facehugger hug!
Shipping To quote Tailsteak, "Poly means never having to have just one OTP." I'm hoping Sebastian, John, and Iris work out some sort of 3-way relationship kind of like Allan, Evelyn, and Steve from "Go Get a Roomie!".
@thaledison: I love "Go Get a Roomie!" and hey, I don't think that relationship dynamic is completely out of the question! =3
And then he died from too much affection. Rip in peace John 19xx-2018
@ZSnazzy: Poor boy never saw it coming XD
Firstly: Yes good.
Secondly: It's been a while, but I'd swear the gallery had more content last time I looked. Site weirdness, or did something get taken down?
@Darkbunny: Yyyea, the gallery had a 'naughty bits' section. I actually took it down cause I got a little concerned when someone pointed out the 'Content Guidelines' for Smackjeeves. I'm gonna reach out to them and ask if there's anyway the gallery can work. If that doesn't follow through, I'll probably set up a free or a $1 Patreon so that folks can peruse those pics.