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#67 - The Incident 8

Date Posted: April 8th, 2018, 1:55 pm

Author Notes

A Cuddly Resolution Yea, those kids are gonna be alright. And it seems Jamie Halligan from Leftover Soup had been John's cooking teacher this whole time! For people who've read LS before, I did drop a tiny hint on strip #55. For those who haven't, Jamie is the main character of Tailsteak's comic Leftover Soup. He and his new wife Ellen were longtime roommates before they had realized there was a bit of attraction going on. Huh, I wonder if that sounds familliar...

This marks the end of The Incident arc so that means it marks the end of the over-indulgent crossover! Though I wouldn't be surprised if you see some familiar LS faces here and there...

The next arc follows the group as they get together for another round of Dungeons & Dragons so don't miss out!


Eeee That cuddle was so sweet, so wonderful! Iris is so cuddly.

And nice little update on Ellen and Jamie too. They're adorable as well.

What a wholesome update!
@sethtriggs: I had a feeling you'd like this one! Hehe yes, I think it's safe to say that they're pretty much cuddle buddies at this point.

And there was just no way I was gonna have an LS/RTS crossover without sneaking in Jamie and Ellen somewhere! I really love how the final few panels draw a bit of a parallel between the four of them! X3