Roll To Save

#68 - The Problem with Thieves 1

Date Posted: April 22nd, 2018, 3:20 pm

Author Notes

A Little Heart to Heart Man, when Max makes an impact, she certainly makes an impact don't she?

In Roll To Save, I like to show that characters have a chance to realize their flaws and give them a chance to work on them. Though I know that in reality, not everyone jumps at trying to fix their own problems. Some can't or don't want to (We'll be going into that very soon in RTS!). I think it's fair to say that Jo isn't exactly the most tactful in the group. It's not that he doesn't mean well, it's just that everything else takes a back seat when it comes to the prospect of sex. He might have a mild case of what Cyril Figgis had in the first season of Archer. A very, very MILD case. Jo certainly isn't going to change overnight but now he's a little bit more conscious about ditching his friends in favor of his next sexual escapade.

I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase these two interacting with each other. Jo is a lawyer who aides in the judicial system, a system that's been put in place to help serve due process and keep things in order. While Roxanne actively loathes that very same system, a system she thinks is as flawed as a lot of the government is. Something she doesn't typically take laying down as shown in the "Red Light" picture piece in the gallery. Regardless, the two have a mutual respect for each other and have even found some common ground!

I was also partially inspired by the friendship between Alfred Nobel and Bertha von Suttner. Two very different people; one a war profiteer and the other an avid activist of peace. And despite their very different views on life, they became great friends. If your curious, the full story can be told in about 10 minutes by the infamous Mike Rowe.


This was an awesome update I love, love, love when hypocrites get read. And it's good that Jo is open to change too. I guess the 'predator became the prey.' Hope that his mind continues to be opened.
@sethtriggs: Hehe I too like it when hypocrites get read! Though in Jo's case, he's a lot more receptive than most hypocrites. If his friends call him out on something, he listens and at least makes the effort to change.