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#70 - The Problem with Thieves 3

Date Posted: May 20th, 2018, 5:26 am

Author Notes

An Unexpected Romance It looks like John and Sebastian's characters have got a little romance going on! I was always interested in the idea of two D&D characters romantically involved while going off on adventures. Add on the fact that one player is totally crushing on the other and are sure to ensue both in and out of game!

Also yes, Yosha is also a badass at D&D.


Awwwww This was pretty romantic and I'm glad it turned out so well in the end!
I'm glad you like it! John is a sucker for romances so he was totally on board for doing something like this. Though as romantic and nice as this is, one has to wonder just how much health John's character has...
Once I had a guest playing a romantic elven bard in my group. He hit on every woman (the player would have never dared to behave that way), also on a quite diffident(?) seafaring lady on whose player I had a bit of a crush. He rolled successfully for seduction, she botched her resistance roll, so I told her she’d hopelessly fall for him. He tried to play the romantic like "you are a green flower that bubbles away in the fading light of the moon" (bad translation of really bad "poetry"), she answered "you’re my lighthouse!". They played the whole evening together and didn’t notice that the rest of the group fought a dragon etc. They (the players) married about two years later. At the wedding their friends were asked to tell stories from their lifes, and I remembered this one – I completely forgot meanwhile, they also, but they confirmed that this really was the day when they started dating.