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#73 - The Invitation 2

Date Posted: July 1st, 2018, 7:02 pm

Author Notes

Professor Elemental Professor Elemental is a man of many talents. An inventor, a scholar, tea aficionado and a bonafide adventurer! So it's only natural that he lives in a place where he can store all of his souvenirs and trinkets. However, mother nature is non too impressed with the professor's exploits and has no qualms about cutting their tour short. Needless to say, Iris and Roxanne are slowly realizing that there's quite a but more to this eccentric British fellow than meets the eye!


They haven't passed out yet so the tea isn't drugged, thats a good sign
I want this guy as a teacher at my school, he'd be the best technology teacher ever, 2nd to only one of my teachers
Looks legit! This is going just as crazy as I expected! Thankfully he's not the "hollowed out skulls" kind of scientist so I reckon they'll be OK!
But really... Is the "camera" going to pull back at the end of this to show that this is all a roleplaying game?
@maarvarq: Hrm, it DOES make for a great intro to call of cuthulu
He also appeared in an episode of Phenieas and Ferb