Roll To Save

#74 - The Invitation 3

Date Posted: July 15th, 2018, 4:03 pm

Author Notes

Evening's End And so the night's visitation with Professor Elemental has come to an end, probably leaving more questions than answers! But if you know the professor, you know that's usually the case. Roll To Save typically has a realistic approach and doesn't tread in the realm of fantasy or science fiction unless delving into a tabletop game of some sort. However, I wasn't satisfied with making the professor a regular old tea enthusiast. The character (and dare I say the person) is so much bigger than life. As a fan myself, it only seemed appropriate to give him an almost mystical existence within the RTS universe. He loves to help out whenever he can, even if it means doing something a tiny bit improbable.


A "tiny bit" improbable?
I would sat that time travel is waaaay past a tiny bit improbable
Time Travel Pants Time travel pants are perfectly reasonable if they’re locked to a 1:1 ratio and only work forwards in time.
I've seenthis before... I have a feeling this ends up like it did in Red vs. Blue with Church trying to fix everything with time travel. Goes back, talks to the father, reveals everything that happens as a result of him selling the house, turns out the father wasn't ever going to sell the house until he showed up.
Heh that's a wild ride Also LOL on Iris's line.

This ended really shockingly well. I am thoroughly impressed.
Fiddle around with people's timelines? He's gonna retcon the comic?