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#75 - The Invitation 4

Date Posted: July 29th, 2018, 8:16 am

Author Notes

Return of The Flower Shop! This concludes the Invitation Arc, I hope you all enjoyed it! Yes, yes, I know the ending is pretty impractical as much as it is impossible but isn't it nice to sometimes see things get positively resolved despite the limitations of reality? Besides who are you to say that Professor Elemental isn't actually capable of such feats?? Rest assured that this is probably the only time anything like this is gonna happen.

Again I want to thank Professor Elemental for agreeing to be in this story arc. Make sure to check his smashing tracks and music videos!

The next arc is much more grounded and dare I say a little serious. It's an arc that will delve into John's past and really put his happiness and positivity to the test. I'm eager for you guys to read it!


Yay happy ending!!
Really curious about the next arc tho. I like John and his positive outlook, but it'd be cool to see that tested and get some more growth outta him.
@ZSnazzy: I'm glad you liked the ending! I've put in a lot of work in the next arc since I usually do feel-good comedy stuff, so I'm pretty excited to show you guys!
I was wondering if 'seeked' was American English, but apparently even in the States it should be 'sought'.
@maarvarq: Tomayto, tomahto?
Nice Job, Tailsteak Nicely done in showing how Iris is just a little big for the car seat.
A dog? Would that happen to be a certain three-legged Sheepdog from a certain other comic that just happens to include Maxine Hellenberger?
As neat as that sounds, I actually had another type of dog planned for Irene. She's based off of an actual pet my family had and I think you're all gonna love her!

I'm keeping the LS cameos a little spread out to focus on our characters a bit more but rest assured, Max will be back!
This story arc reminded me that Dr. Steel existed. I miss that guy.