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#76 - The Ex 1

Date Posted: August 12th, 2018, 12:41 pm

Author Notes

Memory Collector The title of the comment is inspired by the song Memory Collector by Kelley Stoltz

I can't tell you how excited I am about this arc. We'll be exploring a time in John's past where his relentless positivity just wasn't enough. When a Stiff upper lip just didn't work anymore. It was a time when someone deliberately brought his world crashing down in one single callous act with no remorse. No matter who we are, we've all had a time in our lives when we just weren't okay. When things just hurt too much to smile. Even when smiling is what you loved to do the most.


Teen angst? I don't know. Smells like teen spirit to me.
@Stephen: Okay, you seriously made me laugh. I wish I could give you a virtual trophy or something XD
Daaang It's so jarring to see John like this. But wow looks like some heavy emotions and maybe some hard feelings here on this.

Also wow Roxy that was pretty messed up.
@sethtriggs: Yea, it was a bit taxing writing this one one to be honest but it was important for me to show that John isn't impervious to emotional distress. Sometimes he gets wounded and sometimes old wounds don't heal.

Also don't give Roxy too much guff, she was just kind of caught off guard. Mostly because the members of Mercy's Fist are a fairly successful and popular band. It's like if I said I was dating Ricky Martin, pretty sure a lot of people would have questions and be skeptical. XD
Ooooooh dear
Based on your comment, Jim, I'm really getting more and more curious about this Heather person
@ZSnazzy: I'm really happy to hear that! I seriously can't wait for this story to unfold and I assure you, you'll be finding out about Heather VERY soon!