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#77 - The Ex 2

Date Posted: August 26th, 2018, 10:41 am

Author Notes

A Tale of A Broken Heart Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone

As you all well know, John is a resilient and positive person. This has been the case for most of his life but like a lot of people, sometimes life throws you a rather nasty curve ball. It wasn't so much that Heather slept with someone else, it was the fact that she, Zoey and Shin lied to him for quite a while. They lied to him, betrayed his trust and essentially brushed him aside. It's important for me that folks see that this was a huge blow to John, he ended up emotionally shutting down for a good couple of years before being able to getback to his old self.
PAGE EDIT: Alrighty! So a lot of you astute readers out there have pointed out that there's a bit of inconsistency going on in regards to John's age and the time frame where this flashback takes place.

For the record I wanna thank everyone who pointed this out. I'm not a perfect writer by any means so I whole heartedly appreciate any chance to correct my mistakes.

As for the correction? Me and Tailsteak agreed that it would probably be best if we left the reference to the exact decade completely out, leaving it as "It was a long time ago.". Sorry about that!


Aw damn, poor guy
At least he managed to bounce back, I'd probs end up a bitter old woman
@ZSnazzy: Oh believe me, same here. It's pretty hard to bounce back from something like that. If it wasn't for his mom and his other friends, he might not have been able to get back to where he was.
I dont know why as its never happened to me but but NOTHING pisses me off more than cheating i literally see red when i read stories about it
@Xero: It's a reasonable thing to be upset about. Whether it's a partner in a relationship or heck, even a friend, there's a level of mutual respect and trust that's expected. But unfortunately even in real life, there ARE pretty bad folks out there that do this sort thing.
May all her guitar strings snap on the first use, may all her speakers become demagnetized, and may every CD she sells immediately start skipping >:(
@Lady Madelin: Believe me, John has the exact same sentiments!
@Lady Madelin: may she be caught using lip synch On Live tv
@Xero: Hah! Here, here! Let her get Milli Vanillied!
@Jim Nickabocker: I was thinking Miley's sister on SNL actually (funny thing about MV I told people I didn't like them because the guy's voices singing and speaking didn't match) i have a weirdly good ear for that there are TV commercials that are off synch only slightly and i hear it
Huh... John is older than I imagined. I imagined he was 30 at the oldest.
@Chronos: .............Oops. No, actually you're right. I haven't nailed down their EXACT ages yet but John is supposed to be in his late 20's early 30's. Uh... prolly gonna tweak that. XD
@Jim Nickabocker: teen in the 90's that would put him in his late 30's
@Chronos: A bit of a miscalculation on script writing for my part. We'll be a bit of a change tomorrow XD
Yeah, probably not the '90's That would put him in his '40's, and he seems younger than that, unless the comic is set in the past.
@Scott: lol RTS is definitely not taking place in the past. Was just talking it over with my artist Tailsteak and yea, we determined that my nostalgia for the 90's betrayed me while writing the script. We'll be retconning that tomorrow XD
This is so sad... I'm glad at least he got to go to the concert.

Wow, the laughing at him discovering her in flagrante, that was *chilling.*
@sethtriggs: Are you kidding? John wasn't going to pass up a chance to see Earth Wind & Fire live! But yea...I'm actually glad you picked up on the laughter. As awful as it is, it's a key sign that Heather has completely changed. It's what finally convinces John to finally get out of a suddenly loveless relationship.
Font Looks like it'll be a good arc.
Funny thing - with the title font you use, I initially read the title as 'The &' instead of 'The Ex'.
@thaledison: Hah! I never noticed that, that's pretty funny XD

I'm glad you're liking the arc so far!