Roll To Save

#78 - The Ex 3

Date Posted: September 9th, 2018, 1:13 pm

Author Notes

Enter Mercy's Fist Heather Before Mercy's Fist:
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Heather After Mercy's Fist:
Wander Over Yonder - I'm The Bad Guy

I can't stress enough that the band has changed considerably since they first formed. Heather, John, Zoey and Shin were actually a happy group of friends just like our current cast. Unfortunately overwhelming popularity, money, greed and Heather's unearthed desire of emotional manipulation ended up changing everyone in the group. Everyone except John of coarse, who was instead burned pretty badly by the whole ordeal.

John wants to take the opportunity of the battle of the bands to finally put this part of his past behind him. He has friends, a good life and is pretty happy where he is. This is also one of the few times we get to see John completely lose his cool. Usually no matter what, he's able to keep his composure and even when being angered, he doesn't normally get into anyone's face but this was a big exception. Heather knowingly hurt him, she has no remorse over it and is eager to see him embarrass himself in front of a crowd for her own amusement. She's not a very nice person.

It looks like John might need a little musical help! You guys remember the Breman Avenue Experience, right?


Breman Avenue Experience? If thats something from before 2010 I've probs never heard of it.
Anyway, I really don't like Heather. She seems like another physical embodiment of fame poisoning a person.
@ZSnazzy: Actually The Breman Avenue Experience is from the Roll To Save world! I believe we referred to it once in a past arc...

Yea Heather isn't really a likable character. She's a toxic, hurtful and unempathetic individual. But also what better adversary for John than the woman who not only broke his heart but who took enjoyment in doing it as well. Good vs evil if you will.
@Jim Nickabocker: I get the idea this is the only way to really see and explore this side of John.
I REALLY want Iris to sucker punch her. Like, really, REALLY badly.
@Lady Madelin: While myself and Tailsteak don't condone physical violence, I can at least say that Iris knows EXACTLY how you feel right now!
I hope the act will include John smooching with both Iris and Sebastian on stage
@Merrsharr: You know, I'm kind of half tempted to rewrite this arc now. X3
Would I be correct in assuming that Heather listened to a lot of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Sex Pistols and Hatecore after she left John?
@reynard61: I would say yes to Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the Sex Pistols but not so much the Hatecore. I'd replace that one with hardcore punk instead.