Roll To Save

#79 - The Ex 4

Date Posted: September 23rd, 2018, 10:56 am

Author Notes

Welcome To The Band You might remember the Breman Avenue Experience from RTS #60 in The Beach arc. They specialize in indie rock and other genres depending on their mood and gigs.

John's plan is to fight fire with marshmallows. Instead of trying to get back at Heather, he wants to take a song and sing his heart out, to show her that he in fact has the right stuff. However it looks like John is a bit conflicted over the whole thing. Not to worry though, Addison: Expert in cute outfits and Grade A listener is on the case armed with fruit punch!


Any rolls for persuasion will now be at advantage bc of the fruit punch
@ZSnazzy: I can't approve of this comment enough XD
Hehehe this is so cute John is so adorable, just gotta say. And what a way to get into a band. He's probably a really evocative performer.