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#81 - The Ex 6

Date Posted: October 21st, 2018, 2:24 pm

Author Notes

Tracy Bonham - Devil's Got Your Boyfriend

This song reflects the unfortunate state of John's relationship fairly well. (Albeit switching boyfriend with girlfriend). It also happens to be the theme song to the podcast "Dirty John" which is incredibly interesting and very important. It looks like John indeed decided to go through with the Battle of The Bands and if you hadn't guessed, Iris is VERY protective of John.


I see the Rock Cocks in the background!
@Kaos:*LOVE* that webcomic!
@reynard61: Good eye! Thought it would be neat to include them in a small cameo. Their comic rocks!
@Jim Nickabocker: Credit where it's due, Kaos actually spotted them first.
Gosh! So it is.
Hi Steg! *waving*
*cheering Iris madly*
Dang Iris! Very protective indeed. Well I hope John goes well. But wow, I give Heather credit for being transparent about being shitty.
@sethtriggs: Yea, if anything that's pretty much the only redeeming thing about her now. She doesn't hide who she is. For better or for worse. But at least Iris is ready to rough her up if she does any more of her emotional toying. Iris is ready to rumble!
XD I knew I loved Iris. I'd pay to see her turn Heather into a pretzel.(at least I would if I could find a damn job so I HAD money to pay...)
@Lady Madelin: I'm so glad you love Iris, after all I love writing for her! And believe me, I'm pretty sure quite a few of us would be top dollar to see Iris straighten out Heather in the squared circle!
Cannot corrupt what's already bad. If Heather feels that "being nasty to others" is the soul of Punk Rock, she's... got a whole lot of learning to do. Punk is about hurting an establishment that focuses on people as a utility, not the people inside of it. Hell, when we had people use "Punk" to justify their harassment and hurt of other folks, you know what was the battle cry of the punk subgenre? "Nazi Punks F*ck Off."

And I don't think Iris is making any sort of hyperbole here. She might be a generally good natured, easy to get along with woman, but that last frame shows she's got her momma bear going on there.

So, John and Co. have quite a Blues Brothers vibe going on, and Heather seems to be doing a mash of The Misfits and The Clash at Demonhead.
@Jim Nickabocker: i like punk i would never listen to a band who's lead singer seems to be dressed as a street walker just to seem edgy