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Paranormal Profiteers

Date Posted: October 28th, 2018, 2:23 pm

Author Notes

Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
As you can probably guess, Ghostbusters is a favorite franchise of John and Iris. It's one of the themes John used to help Iris be more herself out in public, so it's something special for both of them. I was also fascinated with the idea of Iris writing self-insert fan fiction because she's the most adorable nerd in the world! Can you guess what John and Iris are dressed as at the end?

This little one shot is something me and Tailsteak will be doing for special holidays and events every so often. It'll either be a one shot, cannon comic like this or a special splash page featuring multiple characters. Either way, we hop you've enjoyed it and we hope you stay tuned as the plot thickens for The Ex arc! Happy Halloween!


Darn i was hoping to see more of that fan fic
With heather as the bad guy (i forget the name)
@ZSnazzy: Aw don't worry, we may dive back into this fanfic world again! And I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that Heather will definitely appear as a foil in her fanfic, just like Walter Peck (The EPA guy)!
@ZSnazzy: i remember seeing a TRPG system on drive-thruRPG years ago that was an homage to Ghostbusters where the players have bought a brand new franchise of a ghost hunting busness

wish i remembered the name
I want to say john is either Mega Man X, or Bob from ReBoot, and not the new one, the original CGI show. can't place Iris.
@makogun2000: You were peretty close Makogun! I may as well say who they're dressed as now in case I forget later XD

The two are dressed as Megaman and Tron Bonne from the PS1 game; Megaman Legends!
@Jim Nickabocker: a game that got one sequil and a spin off staring Tronne and then NOTHING because capcom sucks at giving fans stuff we actually ask for (and by all reports MML3 was basicly done)
@Jim Nickabocker: i'm suprised you didn't have one of the team dressed in XGB gear
@Xero: I was always partial to the jumpsuits. Plus I think the only characters from XGB with unique outfits were Kylie and Eduardo. Was tempted to use Kylie's for Roxanne but I was worried it would look too different.
@Jim Nickabocker: fun fact XGB was basically the scrypt that Dan Akroid wanted to make in the early 2000's (one of the original team recruiting a new generation to take over
@Xero: Ooo! Now that I didn't know! That's awesome!
Heh cute costumes! Nice little daydream sequence too. That's well done!
@sethtriggs: Thank you so much! I thought having a nice little holiday one shot would be nice X3