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#84 - A Sea of Change 1

Date Posted: December 2nd, 2018, 9:58 pm

Author Notes

Queen - You're My Best Friend

Huge thanks to Tailsteak for allowing a small cameo from Cheryl. Who by the way is from his completed comic Leftover Soup. In case you forgot, she acts as a consultant for Skyline Mall's security department every now and then. Needless to say, things quickly fell apart after John finally put his foot down. John's just super excited about having his old friends back in his life again. With any luck, The Three Amigos will indeed ride again!

In case you're wondering, yup. That's totally a replica of a certain 80's TV car that helped a certain action hero heartthrob out of numerous jams. Zoey wasn't always fiscally responsible when she was a rock star.


I imagine zoey having the same voice as Whoopi Goldberg idk why
@ZSnazzy: Hah! I never saw that before! I guess her hair style and sunglasses kinda give that vibe huh? I like it! XD
Hell of a plate I imagine Zoey must've been very, very good to get that vanity number!

Guess everything seems to be moving on. Hope that Dread Z gets back on her feet soon enough. Sleeping in the back of a car, even a KITT must be murder on her back.
@Gildedtongue: Zoey made a LOT of money with her band mates. Needless to say, she went out of her way to get that plate number!

Aw and I wouldn't worry, Zoey's a tough cookie. Though admittedly, it IS a bit of a pain sleeping in a car, especially if it's a 1982 two-door Pontiac Trans Am XD