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#91 - Courts, Camps & Canoodling 3

Date Posted: March 10th, 2019, 12:18 pm

Author Notes

Jack Elliott - Night Court Theme Song

It's important to be mindful when you go out to advocate for anything. Peaceful protests tend to be generally accepted, however when you disrupt the lives of bystanders... that's generally a problem. It looks like Max, Jane and Roxanne got a little caught up in the moment. Also John and nature? What could possible go wrong?

(Special thanks to Tailsteak for letting Max and Jane cameo for this story! They're both from his concluded comic Leftover Soup)


Not like him Sounds like John's general approach to "The Great Outdoors" is the distance between his front door and his car door...

Well, hopefully things will go well with Rox, Max, and Jane...
@Jim Nickabocker: Given what was said they are STILL well within peaceful protest standards. Although it is true that hindering peoples' daily lives can get you arrested on minor charges it also usually should for everyone's safety. Blocking traffic and public nude displays won't drag you into riot territory but they don't become more legal because you are protesting.

I really hate seeing that especially considering how far it can go. Those protesters who blocked a freeway weren't just inconveniencing people, they were putting lives in danger and not just their own. A truck driver could end up jack knifing trying to avoid them and cause a big pile up after smearing the protesters on the asphalt.

I actually think we should reintroduce civics classes in school and one of the topics taught starting at about the 4th grade or so should be "Responsible Protest Etiquette and Safety." Apparently people need a lesson on "don't step in front of a fast moving vehicle to try and make them stop and acknowledge your protest."

Anyway, everyone who reads this comment enjoy this.
@Stephen: I agree, it certainly can't hurt to reintroduce civics classes or in fact any classes that could help reinforce what to expect in the real world.

As fictional as RTS is, I like being able to introduce flaws in the world to help make it more relatable. In this case it's the legal system. Though I wouldn't worry about those three. Jo's one of the best lawyers in town and if anyone's got a chance to turn things around, it's him!

(Also, the song you linked isn't typically my style of music but I actually liked it! Nice selection!)
@Jim Nickabocker: Also, they're main characters so...
This is gonna go well! Heh this is quite a fun setup though!
@sethtriggs: I'm happy you like it! I'm kinda excited about this arc X3