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#96 - Courts, Camps & Canoodling 8

Date Posted: May 19th, 2019, 4:59 pm

Author Notes

John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air

Didn't think we forgot about these folks, did you? Thankfully it looks like it's smooth sailing from here for our three intrepid protesters. I reiterate though, that this isn't always the turn out for these kinds of circumstances so please, please, PLEASE; protest responsibly!

I love having Max and Jo interact. They respect each other but they also tend to egg each other on on the regular. I also decided to toss in a few swears here and there, more so than before. They won't be running rampant but I figured it was a sign of things maturing a little bit. Plus, the Goofy discussion in the last part is based on a real conversation with friends. Swears were had. XD

As always Max and Jane are from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup. Major thanks to him for permission!


I am sure that in some point in every person's adult life, they will touch on the fact that Goofy had fornicated. It might not be as direct as "Goofy fucks", but it is one of those things we cannot avoid bringing up or at least getting to.
Also, I am now imagining John in a Goofy hat. He makes it work.
@RazorD9: Oh no... XD
@RazorD9: you think thats somthing remember how tiny petes wife was and PJ is a big boi so ouch
@RazorD9: you think thats somthing remember how tiny petes wife was and PJ is a big boi so ouch
I LOLed Oh, Max...never change!

That sidebar about Goofy's love life got me dying, and it's just so true too!
Well, I have seen some rule 34 stuff ...
Let's just leave it at that, alright?
@Fred: Ah yes, rule 34. One way or another, you just can't escape it XD
DAMN YOU, SIR! Now I can't help but picture Goofy fucking while making all those "hyuks" and such.
@Stephen: AUGH!!! XD
No chance of denial. Jo has a long, long, long day ahead of himself, it seems. Least of which is the fuckering of a John/Goofy hybrid going on in his head...