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#102 - Hobby Hunting 2

Date Posted: August 11th, 2019, 10:36 pm

Author Notes

Greg Mirles - Arcade Spirits

Irene's hunt for a hobby begins! Though it looks like she'll be making a bit of a detour to the G4 Arcade!


Eee video gaming is fun! Alright! See if those old skills come back!
@sethtriggs: Yes! I'm pretty excited about this arc X3
First time is always free. That's how they get you hooked.
@Stephen: It's so true it hurts! Then again, if it meant getting more arcades I wouldn't mind ;3;
Recently I was an event where some electronics nerds offered their pinball machines for free playing. It was great – I love (screen) pinball games, but last time I used a real one must have been ~30 years ago in a French arcade (in Germany those were/are adults only).
@someone_else: Oh wow, yea I can imagine that they're hard to come by these days. I get my fill of traditional screen pinball games at a convention in the states called "MAGfest".

It's a celebration of all things video games and they always have a small army of pinball machines to play!