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#103 - Hobby Hunting 3

Date Posted: August 24th, 2019, 11:01 pm

Author Notes

Lucien Ye
- Grand Patty Slam (From animation short "Burger Boss")

Irene was quickly caught up in the excitement and fun of the new and novel concept of video games. The age of arcade games were actually insane let me tell you. Can you imagine having to carry quarters with you in order to keep playing a game that were specifically designed to not necessarily have an ending or let you win? It was a different time back then. Luckily for Irene, she was able to stop cold turkey before things got too crazy.


She was... insanely good.
@RazorD9: Haaaah XD
Ah, the 80s... Speaking as someone who was there, the fashion eye is pretty accurate in the flashback.
@ValdVin: I'm glad you like! Tailsteak was very on point with the designs there!
Irene is wonderful Just all I can really say. This is so heartwarming!
@sethtriggs: I'm glad you think so! We here are RTS pride ourselves in heartwarming content! X3