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#104 - Hobby Hunting 4

Date Posted: September 8th, 2019, 11:37 am

Author Notes

Bill Withers - Lean On Me

Losing touch with someone, doesn't mean it has to be forever.


I'll bet hes a real cool dude
@ZSnazzy: Mmmm possibly =3
Uhhh-oh. I have the oddest sense of impending doom(but not in a "someone is going to get hurt" way, more the "I smell HIJINKS!" way)
@Madelin: Hijinks are always possible in the world of RTS. However so are pleasant surprises =3
When one door closes, you can open it again. Here's hoping that things will start to improve for Irene soon enough!
@Gildedtongue: You never know unless you try! Irene's giving it the ol' college try! @Jim Nickabocker:

Riley only says "he" when talking about his dad, not "mom and dad". Wonder if Lance is available.

Also, watching these grownups for whom PacMan was only a vintage video game, it occurs to me that I'm about Irene's age, nowhere near John's. I can't process that!
@ValdVin: Hmm... that's a good question! X3

lol well I hope it isn't too perturbing. That's actually one of the reasons I wanted to focus on Irene for this arc. Gamers, nay, friends come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages. It all comes down to sharing common interests. =3
You can do it!! I believe in you Irene! You are a wonderful person and you can make this work out! I know it's really difficult to meet an old friend sometimes.
And before you know it, mom's dating another single parent