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#106 - Hobby Hunting 6

Date Posted: October 6th, 2019, 5:35 pm

Author Notes

James Ingram - One Hundred Ways

God I love writing for those two, they're so adorable together! This marks the ending to the 'Hobby Hunting' arc! I wanted to end on a potentially hopeful note. Has Heather really managed to change? Only time will tell! For now we're going to let these two love birds end the night. The next arc shall be filled with fiery enthusiasm, Murphy's law and a handful of surprises along the way!


I don't trust Heather. She's either desperate, or this is a setup for something bigger. Roll Insight, John!
@BarGamer: John tends to roll poorly. Though he's WAY more cautious about that lately.
@BarGamer: i'm betting she can't find any musicians as good as her former bandmates who would put up w her BS and she wants jon to talk to them
@xero: That's a darn good guess. Especially cause we haven't really seen hide or hair of her!
Either SJ is glitching out hard, or this comic got inserted as the first comic in the archive instead of the last. Or both.
@Darkbunny: Thank you so much for letting me know, I think I fixed it! Not sure why it did that this time around... weird! o.o
Pet name? @Jim Nickabocker: I'm wondering how long "big, beautiful red-haired Goddess" took to become a pet name. John would say it, and he's also not shy with the compliments.
@ValdVin: It wouldn't have taken too long. They lived with each other for a while, even before getting together so that would have helped him get more comfortable easier.

For John, once he overcomes his shyness about something (namely pet names here), it opens the proverbial flood gates and he just can't help himself XD
Goodness I love these two What a wonderful couple they are! Soooo happy to see them.

Trust but verify with Heather, all I'll say there.
Needs more Sebastian