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#107 - A Change of Pace 1

Date Posted: October 20th, 2019, 10:04 am

Author Notes

Harry Nilsson - Gotta Get Up

Some people enjoy what they do for a living. Roxanne isn't one of those people. I wanted to take this opportunity to shine some light on her daily life and her plans for the future. What better motivation to get a job you actually want than being subjected to retail? Which by the way, I maintain that you will never know true hell, unless you've had a job in that field.


@Jim Nickabocker: An Undertale fancomic said it best, which I'm paraphrasing:

Customer: "Go to Hell!"
Fry Cook: "I'm out of vacation days."
@BarGamer: That is SO perfect XD
The details... ...make all the difference.

"Your sign is missing an 'e'".

"Oh, no: We leave off the 'e' for effort!"
@Jim Nickabocker: Eh, I've worked retail before. The "hell" portion is mostly of a person's own creation. Yeah, there were sucky customers here and there. Managers screwing up and coworkers refusing to actually work. Roxanne's unpleasant work environment seems to be mostly from her behavior. After all, she admits that she's a terrible employee. Sadly, I like her as a character less and less the more I learn about her.
@Stephen: I think it's suffice to say that retail is pretty much in the eye of the beholder. Some people have worked in it for a good with no qualms whatsover.

In other cases, it can get as bad as Roxanne describes. And I admit, as the writer I'm a bit jaded when it comes to retail. I kind of have over 10 years worth of very bad experiences, so it's not done with unjustified malice.

When I was in high school, I was forced to choose between my job and attending my last chance at a talent show. Despite the fact I specifically asked for just that one night off. In another instance, working as a cashier at a grocery store, I was forced to clean the restroom even though we had hired people specifically for that job. All because some drunk doofus decided to use a urinal as a toilet. Again, my job being threatened if I didn't comply. Those are just two of my worst experiences.

Now yes, I know, retail isn't ALWAYS like that but dang son. For me, it really was. I don't expect everyone to like Roxanne or in fact, everyone in this comic. They're written specifically to be their own person and to live life their way. But I'l be darned if I don't voice my dislike for retail as profession. XD
@Jim Nickabocker: I didn't say I didn't like her. Just that I like her less. She seems to be more and more of a "that guy" (or in this case "that gal") in real life.
Very nice update Heh we're close to the "Take this Job and Shove It!" event horizon, eh?
@sethtriggs: lol well she's not to that point yet but she's certainly not going out on a limb for that job XD