Roll To Save

Concept Designs: Frances Cheng
In France's designs, you can tell I'm getting pretty close to the character dynamic we have now. The main cast consisted of John, Jo, Mim and Mou. Mim is Roxanne's second to final design. At this point of story development, she was pretty much a trouble maker and an anarchist, always giving John trouble when he's on shift. Mou was an original character who was big, tough, tactless and sometimes abrasive. Essentially, he was the kind of guy that would bust your chops on the regular.

Some of the side characters in the second image ought to look mighty familiar at this point. All except Tim of coarse. He was supposed to be the stuffy know-it-all member of the group. He'd frequently challenge Jo's DMing and would constantly be on the lookout for some rule to exploit during a game. Needless to say, he thinks he knows more than anyone.