Roll To Save

Change of The Guard
July 13th, 2016, 10:51 am
Hi there everyone! I noticed that the last news post was quite outdated so I figured I'd make a more recent one and set some things straight. Unlike "Another Day at The Office", this comic won't get the dreaded forever hiatus treatment. If you were wondering about ADATO, the artist Frobman wanted to work on other projects. ADATO was popular for sure, but sometimes you'd rather work on things your passionate about, and I don't fault Frob at all for that. More power to him! If you're interested in what he's working on right now, he has a comic called Urgency Agency. I URGE you to check it out!'s the link:

As for Roll To Save? Well, unlike the artist who finished the Holiday Special arc. Our last artist and I parted on more amiable terms. The reason for this is because I'm a big fan of Tailsteak who draws his own comic Leftover Soup. We've been corresponding for a while now and apparently he was very interested in reviving my very much stalled comic! Which hopefully explains the new change in style and the strip "Style Switch". Such a style change also changed the amount I'm compensating for my super talented artist so the update schedule is going to be set at biweekly. Check out Tailsteak's own comic over at:

Anywho, huge thanks to everyone who's stuck with the comic and to new people just now discovering it. Thank you so much and stay tuned, more to come!