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#110 - A Change of Pace 4

Crises averted! Now clearly as Cheryl has pointed out, it's very important to normally let the professionals take care of things. However in this (very fictional) instance, John was able to reason with the terminal! Is John's career path about to shift towards one in law enforcement? Perhaps some hard thinking and a talk with someone very important is in order...
2019-12-14 23:57:46 
I don't know about "cop". Is there any job title for "guy with the bullhorn and Kevlar vest who reasons with suspects from afar and doesn't carry a gun"?
2019-12-15 01:28:57 
I believe the title is 'Police Negotiator'. It is however, still a position within the police department and you're basically still a cop, you just specialize in....well....negotiating! XD
2019-12-15 10:59:55 
Ah. Now that's a job for John, methinks.