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#135 - The Final Frontier 2

It's important to note that Ein and Iris have always had a really close relationship. Folks don't typically engage in the 'horizontal monster mash' out of the blue. They had both always cared a great deal about one another and well, with Iris moving a ways away, things kind of just... happened. Also a reminder on how important communication is too!
2020-11-16 00:22:29 
Now that's a well-stocked peanut gallery! I should remember that for next time I have non-gamer people in the vicinity of a tabletop session.
2020-11-16 10:19:08 
This is actually based on a real experience I had with my D&D group before we had to hermit up for health. We would sometimes have non D&D friends or even some in our group that didn't want to play a particular campaign (We alternate to keep things interesting). So we ended setting up a spot for people that want to hang but don't want to play!