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Humble Beginnings

All adventures start somewhere. This one starts here.

Dungeons & Submarines

The gang get together and try to play some D&D! ...With a little trouble.

Holiday Special

What typically happens during the holiday season at Skyline Mall?

Potter Practicality

Jo, John and Yosha go to see a Harry Potter movie! They leave with some rather creative thoughts...

Vegan Violence

John's friend Roxanne takes protesting VERY seriously.

The Wrestling Connection

Jo, Roxanne and Yosha try to figure out why John keeps falling asleep during their D&D games.

Be Ya Self

Iris goes to John for help in becoming more sociable

There's No Place Like Home for The Holidays

The obligatory holiday special for 2016

The Wedding

John gets invited to the wedding of a less than fondly remembered friend

The Half-Orc Brothers

Half-orcs, mercenaries and elven bards, oh my!

The Father

John's dad reemerges.

The Beach

The gang go for an outing to the beach.

The Bump

Referees don't normally wrestle

The Incident

John and Iris find themselves in a rather odd predicament...

The Problem with Thieves

Diplomacy doesn't always work in D&D

The Invitation

John receives a mysterious invitation from an old friend.

The Ex

Some people are just genuinely bad to the bone

A Sea of Change

People sometimes want to turn over a new leaf. For others, it's hard to accept that

Courts, Camps & Canoodling

What do a camping trip, a court case and some limb linking have in common?

The Tracker

The gang start their (side) quest to save Jeanoic from the jaws of perma-death!

Hobby Hunting

Irene finds herself hankering for a new hobby.

A Change of Pace

Sometimes you want to try something different in life.

All You Need is Love

Sometimes love can be quite complicated

A Test of Friendship

Shin and Zoey run into a person they thought they had left behind..

The Eco Warriors

An environmental protest gets organized against a huge oil company

The Final Frontier

New beginnings, past references and tabletop games

Old Wounds

Addison's past suddenly catches up to them

The Spa Getaway

Zoey, Addison, Irene and Marita go to a spa to relax!

The New Start

Sometimes starting fresh is the best thing to do.

The Reunion

A family get together has Iris debating on revealing her relationship to hers.

Intimate Investigations

Saldura does some research for an article their magazine has tasked them to write.

The Gift Giving Gaffe

John gets a present for his Iris, Sebastian and his mother. However there seems to have been a bit of a mix up.

Spiritual Searching

Jane has an exciting opportunity for Roxanne!

The Birthday Boy

It's a certain somebody's birthday!

Wrestling The Competition

Get Wreckt Wrestling has a new rival!

The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant

Saldura does another hard hitting news article on a familiar and notorious public figure.

You Are Not Alone

Kiesha has a bit of a gnarley bad dream. It's up to John, Iris and Sebastian to help!

The Career Contemplation

We finally get a look into Addison's career! Though it appears to be subject to change with a pending offer...

Erotic Expectations

The mysterious but rather good looking stranger has given Mallory some sort of business proposal and the goth store owner is intent on finding out more about it!

The Dresden Files

Voted by our Patreon members, Max wants to start a new game with a new group!