Roll To Save has been a labor of love for over 10 years. It's seen a radical number of changes throughout that time but the core concept has always been the same. It's a feel-good comic about friends facing the trials and tribulations of life.

The original concept of RTS was mostly leaning towards a comedy focused one-off series. Sort of akin to newspaper comics. The style was originally heavily influenced by Japanese anime and manga. This was mostly due to myself and the various artists having a love for the style. Unfortunately for a multitude of reasons, I was unable to find a stable/interested artist once the original (Kanra Kami) had to depart. This is why the art style jumps so frequently.

Thankfully, after nearly 7 years of turmoil, in 2015, Mason “Tailsteak” Williams joined as the current illustrator and has helped me get to a point of stability and consistency. He was also instrumental with helping me morph the comic to what it is today. A slice of life adventure that deals with love, life and of course tabletop roleplaying games. The irony of branching out into these kinds of storylines despite the comic’s name isn’t lost on us. We just feel that it’s still a good name which, albeit, a term typically used in D&D, can very well be applied to everyday life.

“Uh oh, you saw your best friend naked in a bathroom mishap? Roll to save!”

In the end, RTS has evolved into something much more than a goofy little comic about friends and D&D. It’s become something that advocates for love, understanding, fun, humor, friendship and tolerance. Our goal is to have our comic be a source of comfort entertainment in both good and bad times. No matter where you live, no matter what year it happens to be.

Tailsteak and I sincerely hope you enjoy this ongoing adventure and would like to humbly remind you to - ROLL TO SAVE!